“Karate” tournament and Foundation fundraiser

The “Karate.” Tournament is a planned community event held at The Foundation Skateboard Dojo. The goal of the event is to raise funding and awareness for “Foundy” as well as providing a means for KARATE and PUSH to engage with the community. The competition will be held during daylight hours, with registration and warm-ups beginning at 12:00 p.m. on the twenty-second day of June, two thousand nineteen.
(the day after “Go Skateboarding Day”)

The Tournament will consist of no more than twelve (12) teams, made up of four (4) participants per team. Each team will compete in four (4) categories, designating one team member per category. The tournament will host three (3) guest judges. Each category will utilize different obstacles and sections of the course with scoring and competition time varying by event.

·      Category #1 – KATA (Flow, Continuity & Style)

·      Category #2 – WEAPONS FORM (Best Technical Trick)

·      Category #3 – BREAKING (High Ollie)

·      Category #4 – FREESTYLE SPARRING (1x1 Elimination)

Category #1 – KATA (Flow, Continuity & Style)

The KATA is an individual, open arena competition in which participants will be judged on their ability to smoothly connect lines and cruise the course. One (1) competitor from each team will be given two 60 sec. (1 min) Runs. Judges will score each round based on style, finesse, and continuity. Competitors will receive a separate score for each round. The lower of the two scores will be dropped. 

Event #2 – WEAPONS FORM (Best Technical Trick)

The WEAPONS FORM category is a group, select obstacle competition in which participants will be judged on their ability to complete one single technical trick. In this case, one (1) competitor from each team will gather for one (1) shared 300 sec. (5 min) round. If the competition exceeds four (4) teams, the event will be broken down into heats, with no more than four (4) competitors on the floor at one time. This is designed to avoid congestion in the competition area. Participants will attempt to complete a single trick of their choice on one of the following obstacles:

·      Concrete Tetris Ledge (Metal Coping)

·      Metal Balance Beam (Square Flat-bar)

 Trick/Obstacle selection must be pre-determined and registered at the judge’s table prior to competition. Scoring will be based on difficulty, level of completion and number of attempts.

Event #3 – BREAKING (High Ollie)

BREAKING is an individual event in which participants will hurdle themselves over stacked “Boards” increasing in height until a winner is determined. One (1) competitor from each team will report to a designated area on the course. Once the boards have been set, participants will attempt the hurdle one at a time until each competitor has made it over. If a competitor fails to make it over the hurdle, they will be given one secondary attempt. Once two (2) failed attempts have been made, the competitor will be eliminated from the event. The boards will grow in number as rounds progress, until a single winner is declared.

 Event #4 – Freestyle Sparring (1x1 Elimination)

The FREESTYLE SPARRING category is a point based elimination event in which team participants will compete face to face in a series of rounds until a winner is determined. One (1) competitor from two (2) opposing teams will be given one 120 sec. (2 min) round on a designated area of the course. The winning team from round one, will compete against the winning team from round two, with the winners of rounds three and four competing respectively.


The tournament will consist of (up to) twelve (12) teams comprised of four (4) participants competing in four (4) separate categories. Each team will appoint one (1) participant per category. At the end of the competition, the team who has amassed the most points will be declared the winner.


Once the application period has ended, a full roster of all registered teams and competitors will be made public via website and social media. For training purposes, all teams will be permitted full access to the competition floor at any time in the months/weeks prior to the tournament.

If any participants are unable to perform on the day of the tournament, teams must provide adequate replacements prior to registration or they will forfeit the competition. On the day of the event, any team who fails to sign in by the designated registration time will be disqualified from the competition. 




·      1st Place KATA– White “KARATE” / PUSH Gi, w/ category patch

·      1st Place WEAPONS– Blue “KARATE” / PUSH Gi w/ category patch

·      1st Place BREAKING– Black “KARATE” / PUSH Gi w/ category patch

·      1st Place SPARRING–Red “KARATE” / PUSH Gi w/ category patch



·      1st Place– Large Trophy / Product Package / Sponsor Donations

·      2nd Place– Medium Trophy / Product Package 

·      3rd Place– Small Trophy/ Sponsor Donations


*$10.00 entry fee (per team) will be collected at the registration table on the day of the event

Team "Sensei" *
Team "Sensei"

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